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The 7th Annual Buffalo International Chess Championships hosted by The Archangel 8 Chess Academy, celebrating over 13 years of Afterschool Enrichment Youth Chess programs held on Saturday, June 1 and 2nd, 2013 at the Old First Ward Community Center in Buffalo New York attracted fifty two chess players in three sections, from as far away as Syracuse NY, Ithaca NY, Binghamton NY, Pittsburgh PA, Grove City PA and Toronto Canada.

Sponsorships were greatly appreciated and without them, this event would not be possible! A new Chess Partner is Shatona Mathis of MPYR FASHION, our MPYR FASHION - Top Female Champion sponsor, other contributors were Old First Ward Community Center, Buffalo Public & Erie County Library, Buffalo Fire Commissioner, Garnell W. Whitfield, Jr., Trophies were donated by The Willie Hutch Jones Educational & Sports Clinics, Scanlon Jewelers of Williamsville, Simpson & Simpson, PLLC. and Cheryl, Fran and Horace Mc Duffie, Jr. Special Thanks for their In Kind Service were Diane Ruminski, David Blackwell of Ideas for Sale, Citizens Bank Jefferson Branch - Marcus Cherry, Dr. John N. Zilliox, Thomas A. Warner, Vic Bahl, Richard Hennessey, OFW Students - Alivia Walden and Brian Klein, Melissa Goff, Mrs. Rizun, Jen Santora and Historian Eva M. Doyle.

CHESS NORMS - A Norm in chess is a high level of performance in a chess tournament. Several Norms are on of the requirements to receive a title such as Grand Master, International Grand Master, FIDE Master or Candidate Master from the World Chess Federation (FIDE), established in 1950. In 2009, the US Chess Federation introduced its own title system, this system requires 5 Norms in order to achieve titles at seven different levels, rankings from "Life Senior Master" down to "Level 4 Category". There were 20 chess players who achieved category points towards a Norm for their strong performance at the 2013 Mayors Cup International Chess Championships. CONGRATULATIONS to those players in the Jeff White Memorial Section were Michael Huang N:Category 3, Russell Wijesiriwardena N:Category 4, Andrew Orr N:Category 4, Samuel E. Santora N:Category 4, Jerome J. Green N:Category 4, and Nathan Palmisano N:Category 4.

In the FIDE OPEN Section were International Master Kenneth W. Regan, Ph.D. N:Category C, Thomas H. Riccardi N:Category 1, Samuel Copeland N:Category C, Malcolm Mast N:Category 2, Danny Inzinga N:Category 2, Dr. John N. Zilliox N:Category 2, Chris Bieniek N:Category 3, Marijan Procyk N:Category 3, Erik W. Lubas N:Category 3, Thomas A. Warner N:Category 3, Jason Zhou N:Category 4, Gary A. Boye N:Category 3, Christopher Darling N:Category 3 and Brian W. Sayers N:Category 4.

The results of the 2013 David W. "Pawn Master" Mc Duffie Memorial Scholastic K-12 Section were as follows, a historic sixteen scholastic players competed. The winner of the Annual Fran and Horace Mc Duffie, Jr. Top Scholastic Award is Alexis J. Schlaak for her outstanding performance on becoming the first female chess player from Buffalo and WNY to earn a National Chess trophy at her first attendance at the 2013 All Girls National Chess Championships held in Chicago, IL.

The 2013 Buffalo International Scholastic Overall undefeated Champion - Benjamin Liao from Toronto Canada. The 2013 Mayor's Cup K-3 MPYR Fashion Top Female - Alexis J. Schlaak, 2013 Mayor's Cup defending K-3 Champion - Ashton A. William, 2nd Place - Jacob Wind, 3rd Place - Garett Rumfola, 4th Place - Ethen Warner both from Pioneer Chess Club, Coached by Thomas A. Warner, and 5th Place - Phineas Cox from Olmsted Golden Knights of 64.

Winners in the K-12 Section were 2013 Mayor's Cup - MPYR Fashion Top Female Award to Yahnia Brown- Reynolds, 2013 Mayor's Cup Champion - Alexander Rizun, 3rd Place - Andrew HE Huang(Ithaca NY), 4th Place - Scott Nowak(OFW Irish Buffalos)and 5th Place - Willie Brown - Reynolds(Urban Knights Chess). Olympic Style Chess Medals were awarded to Ethen H. Walden and Kai D. Patrone our first Pre K student earned his first "checkmate" from Interlaken NY.

The 2013 Mayor's Cup - Jeff White U1500 Memorial Section attracted a strong field and a new record of eighteen chess players. The 2013 Mayor's Cup Overall undefeated International 1500 Champion - Michael Huang of Toronto Canada. The 2013 Mayor's Cup Jeff White Memorial U1500 Champion - new comer, Russell K. Wijesiriwardena from Niagara Falls New York, 3rd Place Tie - Samuel E. Santora and Andrew S. Orr(Pittsburgh PA, 2012 Mayor's Cup Jeff White Memorial U1500 Champion, 2013 Mayor's Cup Top U1200 Champion - Nathan Palmisano, Pioneer Chess, 2nd Place Tie - Daniel F. Morgan(Pittsburg PA), Bradley M. Schrock, Pioneer Chess, and Maxwell Peters.

UPSET CHESS LEADERS by Wendy's Restaurant located at Maple and Bailey in Amherst. These individuals were awarded point for defeating or achieving a Draw against a higher rated opponent. CONGRATULATIONS! Nathan Palmisano with 714.5 pts, Maxwell Peters with 699.5 pts, Daniel F. Morgan with 541 pts, Bradley M. Schrock with 344 pts, Michael Huang with 205 pts, Christopher P. Roland with 130 pts, Reagan Lyle with 32 pts, Samuel E. Santora with 23 pts, Wesley Darling with 18 pts and Zachary Madden with 17 pts.

In the FIDE International OPEN Section attracted a strong field of 17 players. Defending his title, International Master Kenneth W. Regan, Ph.D is now our FIRST! Five time MAYORS CUP FIDE CHAMPION! Winning in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2008! 2nd Place Tie - Samuel Copeland and Thomas H. Riccardi, Top U2000 Champion - Malcolm Mast, U2000 2nd Place - Dr. John N. Zilliox, Top U1800 Champion - Danny Inzinga, U1800 2nd Place - Chris Bieniek.

UPSET LEADERS by Wendy's Restaurant - Amherst NY were Danny Inzinga with 546.5 pts, Brian W. Sayers with 229 pts., Christopher Darling with 199 pts, Dr. John N. Zilliox with 169.5 pts., Chris Bieniek with 133.5 pts., James P. Davis, Esq. with 112 pts., Samuel Copeland with 103 pts., Gary A. Boye with 58 pts., and Malcolm Mast with 28.5 pts.

Pitured are the three sections of chess players who helped make this a great success, we welcome your comments, suggestions by email to, We look to see you in 2014, for to another positive and successful 8TH ANNUAL BUFFALO INTERNATIONL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS. The crosstable is available at

Reported by Michael A. Mc Duffie, Chief Arbiter and USCF Tournament Director

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