Next Tournament

Ben Rummel wins in Sardinia!

   Ben Rummel made the trip to Sardinia a successful one as he won all 3 games he played to win the $50 1st place prize.  In the final game, Ben offered his Queen to Chris Darling, who was already up a piece.  Chris greedily accepted it and got mated on the next move! Very nice trick Ben! Darling had upset Ryan Madden in round 2. It was a great tournament  by both boys.
   Also participating were Pat Patterson, who tied for 2nd with Darling and Madden, Michael Skok, Nathan and Ryan Palmisano, Zach Madden, Keegan Kempf, and Nathan Schiener, who won the u1400 prize.
  Keegan Kempf  won the rated scholastic trophy and Seth Babbitt won the unrated section.
 Next tournament Sept 14 ( no tournament Sept 7 as I will be out of town). See you then! 


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