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Group Photo of the K-4 Scholastic Section and Winners of the 5th - 9th Graders at the Lockport Family YMCA!

In our first chess event for The 2014 Golden Knights of Lockport, the beginners chess tournament held at the Lockport Family YMCA attracted a total of 18 players and picked up 5 new players outside the Lockport area!

The results of the K to 4th grade Section were Co-Champions - JonLuke Pencille and Tyler Halifax both from Lockport, 2nd PLACE - Siddharth Suresh from the Stars of India Chess Club, and 3rd PLACE - Peter Mc Gowan from the Old First Ward Irish Buffalo Chess Club. PawnMaster Mc Duffie Medal winner was Andrew O'Dell and Benjamin Travis, TOP FEMALE AWARD - Mariah Moulds.

Winners of the 5th to 9th Grade Section were UNDEFEATED Danielle Spencer, her first Championship Trophy, 2nd PLACE - Andrew Pencille. 3rd PLACE - Maya Moulds and PawnMaster Mc Duffie Medal Winner - Dayonna Tester.

Special thanks for the Lockport Family YMCA for allowing us to have access to their facility, Mrs Lucy Pencille for all her dedicated work and Mr Vincent and Corey Spencer for their assistance during the tournament. If you would like more information about the Golden Knights of Lockport, please reply to KNIGHTSOF64@YAHOO.COM.

Reported by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambasssador

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