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Cannot relax once you have the advantage

The above position occurred in my game where I am black and my opponent white at ICC. Question 1: Black to move: Find a good move that gives Black a decisive advantage. If you have found it...Read further. In the game, I did play the correct move here and a few moves later Black had an advantage where I had two pieces for a rook. White played 15.Qb5 and we reached the position as shown in the second diagram where White threatens my c5 Bishop as well as the b7 pawn to fork my knight and rook. Question 2: Can you find Black's move that will keep his advantage. If you have found it read further.. Once again I was able to continue correctly and white blundered in the next move giving rise to the position shown in the third diagram a few moves down the line. But here I was unable to find the strongest continuation. The game continued with 17...Nb4+ 18.Kb3 Qd5+ forcing queen cancellation and in the end I only managed to draw the game though Black should still be better. Question 3: Can you find Black's move at the position shown in diagram 3 (move 17...), that wins for black within a few moves. (comp. eval of -9.00).


  1. I always like these ones where I can find winning middle or end game moves in other player's games. The problem for me is I can't seem to get many games to the positions that strong players like Harish can.

    I suggest 17...Qg6+
    This covers the knight while checking the king and saves the rook from capture as the only way to respond to check is with a king move or a horrible Rook move.

    18. Rd3 Nb4+
    Either 19. Qxb4 Bxb4
    Or 19. Kc1 Rb8 hitting the queen and adding another attacker to the b2 square and the exposed white king.

    18. Kc1 Rb8
    forcing again the loss of queen or game.
    If 19. Qxb8+ Nxb8
    Or 19. Qxc6+ Qxc6
    Or 19. either R+ Kf8 and the attacks continues. 20. Qa6 Rxb2 with mate threatened on 21...Qb1

  2. The solution is correct. 17...Qf5+ is also strong. However, the one the chessdoctor has is the strongest. Its unfortunate that I did not see this in the game and I just though of saving my knight very quickly with a poor ...Nb4+