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chess contemplation...

...I like to compare life to a game – game of chess. We all have our own space to move around, there are rules to follow, there are aims to achieve, and there are possibilities, which transcend all understanding. For me white and black sides in chess are not the opposite. They are rather complimentary. There should not be any hurt in loosing. Result does not matter. It is all rejoicing for beautifully conducted game. If our side wins, we win for the Lord, who is our King, in whom we abandon ourselves. We mate him so He has to take us under his protection, and He willingly does so. He is the One who allows us to seek Him and force Him to consider us his brothers and sisters. If we lose, the Lord wins, and He takes us under his protection, and we willingly submit, recognizing that we are in need of Him conducting our life. If we draw, we show the peaceful intention and our friendship with the Lord, who is the best friend, who never abandons us, who stays with us forever. We try to formulate the plan how to rich favorable ending. We can play tactically. Moving here and there and always try to strengthen our position to bring us closer to the end of the game which symbolizes eternal life. We can sacrifice and force the matters in our favor. The Lord gave everything for us, and we gladly do likewise. We are pieces in this game of life and the Mighty One is conducting the movements, outlining strategy and pointing to the tactics. The pawn is the smallest piece, but it often proves indispensable for a masterpiece. We all are indispensable. Once we are called for life, we have things to do that noone else can. It was said that God cannot make Stradivarius’s violin without Stradivarius. It is beautiful thought, which points to the purpose of our own life. It is Lord’smasterpiece...

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  1. Well said Father Marijan.

    May God Bless everyone-especially chess players.