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Help I'm Under Attack! Quiz for 12/19

Black to move, how can black save his skin?


  1. 1... h4+ 2. Kxh4 Rb8 3. Rxb8 Qxh3+ 4. Kxh3 stalemate

  2. There are some interesting features of this combination which is what makes it different from other simple combinations.

    1. There requires atleast two consecutive good moves 1...h4 and 2....Rb8 (consdering that once you figured out 2....Rb8 then it because you want to play ...3.Qxh3+). Due to this property, it is very easy in a game to reject the 1...h4 candidate.

    2. This brings together the fact that tactics alone is not important but an understanding of the position simultaneously is called for. i.e. if it is realized that without the queen and the rook, the position is stalemate, to search for a combination to achieve this is definitely more simple.

    Very Nice Puzzle !! all in all.