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Wrong move followed by wrong move = Win for White: Quiz for 12/16

This was from a game I played online today on Chessmaster. It illustrates the principle of who ever makes the last wrong move often loses. I was white and it was my turn to move. I made an error and played 1.Bf2?. Fortunately, for me, my opponent was in time trouble and played incorrectly. Can you find the best continuation for black? (Hint: It is not 1...Nf5 which was played by black.) As a bonus, can you figure out what I played after those moves 1.Bf2? Nf5?? For double bonus: What should I have played instead of 1. Bf2?


  1. I guess after ...Nf5?, Re1! wins. Since now the queen is overloaded to protect the rook as well as the knight. Hence black has to give up his knight.

    But I am still pondering over the chess board to find a solution to the first problem in the quiz as to how to refute Bf2. I can see white is threatening to play Re1 and it needs to be stopped.

    I can also see both ...Bxf3 or...Nxf3 looks bad for black. so what is the move?. Ok, I will think over a little more.

  2. Harish,

    You are right about the bonus question; after 1. Bf2? Nf5??
    2. Re1! wins material.

    Keep looking for the right answer after 1. Bf2?. But I promise to give out the answer to this quiz, as I will for all my quizzes, by 48 hours after posting.

  3. As promised here are the answers:

    The best continuation for black after 1.Bf2? is Nxg2! With the following 3 best continuations for white
    if 2.Kxg2 then Qg4 3.Re1 Qxf3+ (-5)
    if 2. Ne4 then Bxe4 3.fxe4 Nf4 (-3)leaving the best white response to be 2. Qd4 then Bxf3 3. Qd3 Bd3 (-2)
    All of which as you can see be the negative scores favoring black.

    The bonus question of what to play after 1. Bf2? Nf5??
    is 2. Re1!
    yielding a (+6) score for white as the best now for black is
    2...Qc8 3. Nxf5 Rxe1 4.Bxe1

    The double bonus is:
    instead of 1. Bf2? White's best would have been
    1.Bc7 with still a +/= score for white of 0.3.

  4. Yes very nice one. Earlier, I rejected Nxg2 after ...Bf2 as I did not see immediate threats. Reinforces me with the idea of how important it is to calculate as deep as possible in an important position.
    Thanks for the solution