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Buffalo "Blitz-zard" Results are In!

Fun in the "snow", was had by all yesterday evening. Congratulations: to the winner FATHER MARIJAN PROCYK who won with an undefeated 6.5/7 (No surprise.) to PAUL "DOUGLAS" TROY who increased the most rating points 137! Well done. and to new comer and hopefully one who will not be a stranger SARADHA "Sara" SUKAVANAM who debuted with a rating of 1098 in a strong field. The ratings report is up on the USCF site at

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  1. There were some nice games. I wish I had them written on my MonRoi. Yes, I should remember them. Oh, well.
    We could play more often this kind of tourneys. Actually when we meet we could play rated games. But we should also go to Rochester sometimes, at least I know I should. See you all tomorrow...