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Results of the Free February Event

Congratulations (again) go to the winner FATHER MARIJAN PROCYK as he was a perfect 4/4. We expect to see this kind of performance when/if he uses his prize of a free entry into this month's Rochester Grand Prix tournament this upcoming Saturday.
Biggest upset honors go to MICHAEL A MC DUFFIE with a 468 point victory, while the greatest post tournament ratings increase goes to JONATHAN D KESSLER. My thanks also go out to the above two players, as Jonathan secured, set up and cleaned up our playing hall, while Mr. Mc Duffie assisted in the tournament directing. Well deserving rewards for their efforts.
The winner of the unrated section and free one year membership to the USCF went to ZHAO, YANFENG "CRILLEN" .
My thanks also go out to all participants and especially the parents of our junior members. Your involvement keeps over the board tournament chess alive and thriving in our area. Please encourage everyone you know who plays chess to come out to future events in our region. Remember some tournaments, like this one are free and open to all whether USCF members or not.
The full cross table and pre and post ratings for all players can be found at


  1. Roy (regular) 663 1230 -300 580
    Roy ( quick ) 551 1020 -431 368

    procyk (regular) 934 524 300 197
    procyk ( quick ) 621 559 431 330

    I tried to explain the rating. As far as I know it is "400". I took examples of Roy and me, regular and quick rating.
    In my oppinion Roy's regular rating went down because in 3 games he wan he was more then 400 rating points above. The one he lost he was just 300 appart bellow, so he lost some points. In quick in 2 games he was mor then 400 above so he did not win any rating points there. In the one he lost he was more then 400 poinst bellow, so again he did not lose any points. In one he won he was less then 400 points above, so in the end his rating went up.
    In my case for regular in first 2 games I was more then 400 above, so no rating points there. In other 2 games I am lass then 400 points above, so I won some rating points. In quick I am only in one game less than 400 points, so my rating increased a litle less.
    It is interresting that after 2 tournaments I have the same quick rating as before them, just because there was one draw in 11 games. It is interesting.

  2. For the regular rating, the rating formulas of uscf follow this particular link (and its been consistent with my rating change).

    I implemented the above formulas in a program and it did calculate my new rating correctly on the last 3 occassions. However, I am not sure of the quick rating.