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Buffalo News Article on this weekend's Chess Event

In case some of you missed it, here is the link for the article in this past Sunday's paper:


  1. There was also a short segment on Ch 4's 6 o'clock news (and an even shorter piece on the 11 o'clock). Tim Rivers was in the background!

  2. (I appologise for spelling mistakes. Is there spelling checker at the Blog?)
    Maybe Tim can invite us all for a chess tournament in Texas.
    Have a nice life down there, Tim!
    As for this Saturday I will remember a few things.
    1. Stephen Demjanenko (not Demjanemko)and his chess strenght. This was his tournament. If he continues to work on his openings he will soon pass master's rating.
    2. To bad I did not get chance to play Barry Davis,because he lost in 2nd round against Demjanenko. As Barry said we have score to settle. He won a few yers ago when his rating was over 2200.
    3. I was lucky enough to win, but I guess my rating will stay the same.
    4. Would like to see again the same candy man. Maybe I can get my $20.00 back. Those of you who heard the story, know what am I talking about. Apparently he needed money more then I do.

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