Next Tournament

Club Championships this Saturday!

WESTERN NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS Sat March 21st At Sardinia Community Center (Town Offices) 12320 Savage Rd. Sardinia,NY 4SS, G/60, Rds: 10,12:30,2:30, 4:30

EF: $10 per person includes free lunch!

Prizes:Trophies for top 3 teams and individuals, also U1800 team and indiv. USCF membership required. Can join at Tournament.

No limit to number of players on team, but only top 4 scores will count for team total.Can have more than 1 team per club.

Pre-registration will help a lot!

Entries & Info: Tom Warner 496-5230


  1. Vic, keep me posted on whether we have a team. I am not sure if I will be able to play the last round though.

    Mark: Will you be there ?.

  2. Harish, Mark, Tom,

    Dave B. has indicated that
    he'd like to play.I do believe
    one needs a total of 4 (minimum)
    to form a team.


  3. NF guys,
    You don't need 4 to have a team. You can play with less. But chances are there will be someone there that will join up with you so feel free to come with what you have. Tom

  4. Harish,

    I have let Dave B. know that I
    am coming down and I believe
    he will be joining me. Let's
    see if we can get Mark and
    tom C. to join us.


  5. I've come down with a bit of a cold. I don't think I'll be coming out this weekend . See you another time. - Tom C.

  6. Harish,

    Dave B. just called and indicated
    he's not coming after saying
    he was interested in playing.
    So I am not sure who we have. I'd
    like to come down and at least
    watch but you let me know what
    you are wanting to do and I can
    do the same. We haven't
    heard from Mark, however.

    Thanks much.


  7. Sorry Tom I was planning to come but had a car accident so I won't be there.

  8. I had the accident Doug.

  9. I will come there anyway and take a look and see what we have.

  10. Maybe there would be a need to combine Buffalo and Niagara Chess clubs, since Lionel and Doug and David and Tom C. will not be there. Can we do that?

  11. Regrettably I will be unable to attend tomorrow. Work and family obligations.

  12. Harish et al,

    Ok, I will come down as well.

    See you this morning.


  13. so how did it go?