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HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY! Welcome from the World Chess Federation!

The First Annual Buffalo Masters FIDE Open 2009, is now behind us. A grand total of 29 players participated over the weekend. I really appreciate the support to those who joined us and to those who had the desire but had other commitments. The 2009 Buffalo Masters FIDE Champion was NM Lionel L Davis of Buffalo, NY. Second place went to Joshua Guo of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, while third place was Rev. Marijan Procyk of Buffalo, NY.

Round Four had one upset. Joshua Guo, (Toronto Canada) def. Mark Clark, (Jamestown NY). Other individual matches went as follows, Lionel L Davis, def. Eric Grabowski, Thomas Warner def. David Miller, Harish Srinivasan def. David M. Biddle, and Francis Grabowski def. Michael Mc Duffie. Marijan Procyk - Bye due to religious obligations. THE FINALS: Round 5 Upsets were David Biddle def. David Miller, Marijan Procyk draw Lionel L Davis.

The full cross table is at:

Our next monthly Open Rated USCF Chess Tournament will be on Saturday, April 18, 2009. At the same time, Thomas Warner and Michael Mc Duffie, will be hosting the 1st Annual WNY Scholastic Team Championships, Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo NY. The Scholastic Championships will be Unrated, 5 Rounds, Swiss System for K - 6th and 7th - 12th Grades. Schools teams have no limit to the number of players for thier team, but only the top 4 scores will be added to the team score. For more information, please email to or

Entry fee is $10.00 or $15.00 after Saturday, April 4, 2009, please send in your Team Roster & School, with full payment, full name, Age, Grade and Section of play. IF players are USCF, please include the USCF ID Number, USCF Rating and expiration.

Gloria J Parks Community Center has on every Tuesdays, Family Chess Night from 6pm until 8pm. Beginners are welcomed and those who like a refresher, we can help make you a better chess player. Chess sets and Chess boards are provided.


  1. Thanks for the quick results posted on USCF :) and a very nice tourney

  2. Nice tourny mike with excellent conditions! I just went to fide site they had me rated and i didnt even know it!! haha

  3. Nice web site, keep up the good work.