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USA Jr Chess Olympics This Saturday!

Attention Scholastic Coaches! Get your teams together and head down to the Pioneer Middle School this Saturday March 7th for the 24th USA Jr. Chess Olympics which is a premier scholastic tournament!

If you don't have a team, you can play as a team of one! Rochester, Niagara Falls, Bradford,Pa., along with host Pioneer will play. How about some teams from Buffalo?

The details are:

  • Sat. March 7, 2009
  • At Pioneer Middle School (cafeteria) 12132 Old Olean Rd., Yorkshire,NY 14173
  • 5SS, G/30,
  • EF $5 includes free pizza for lunch
  • Rds. 10,11,12:30,1:30,2:30
  • 2 Sections: K-6 and 7-12
  • Prizes: Olympic style medals to 1st,2nd,and 3rd place winners to individuals and teams in each section
  • USCF membership required,can join at tournament
  • No limit to number of players on team, but only top 4 scores will count for team total. Can have more than 1 team per school.
  • Entries & info: Tom Warner 496-5230 email :


  1. Chess Players,

    So who from Buffalo is actually
    going to this since I am a bit
    confused as to what this is. Is it
    a purely scholastic event or is the
    same as the 'Team' event from last
    Year. I would go down an watch
    if someone lets me know who else
    is attending etc.,

    Thanks much.


  2. Vic,
    This is a scholastic event. The adult team tournament is March 21 in Sardinia. You are welcome to come and watch and bring some kids!

  3. Tom,

    Thanks, that cleared up my
    confusion - at least as far as
    this is concerned. :)