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Thirty five scholastic players participated in the Third Annual WNY Scholastic Fall Team Chess Championships, held yesterday at the Main Place Mall in Buffalo, NY. Twenty six of the thirty five players are members of the United States Chess Federation. It has made the news and here is a video published at WIVB.

The fall classic was hosted by The Buffalo Fire Commissioner, Garnell W. Whitfield, Jr., Willie Hutch Jones Educational & Sports Clinics, Simpson & Simpson, LLC., in conjunction with The Archangel 8 Chess Academy. Tournament directors were Thomas Warner and Michael A. Mc Duffie.

Trophy sponsor Willie Hutch Jones, a former NBA player of the Los Angeles Lakers and The LA Clippers (formerly The Buffalo Braves), spoke to the participants, signed autographs, took pictures with the teams and the individual awardees.

The TOP STAR AWARD was won by Serenity Austin, 3rd grader from the Lydia T Wright School and member of the Gloria J Parks Chess Club for her performance in the K-3 section. Grandson, Ethen Warner, grandson of Thomas A. Warner, participated in his first chess championship and earned his first STAR Medal. Welcome Ethen!

The results in the K - 3 Veterans Day Section, The newly formed Olmstead #64 Chess Club are 2010 Scholastic Team Champions. Individual Top Honors went to Ruby Soudant, 2nd grader at Olmstead #64 was Champion and TOP FEMALE Chess Player, 2nd Place went to Jonathan Motten, 3rd grader at St. Christopher Catholic Chess Club, Urban Knights Chess Club and Gloria J Parks Chess Club member and 3rd Place - Serenity Austin, 3rd grader at Lydia T Wright School of Excellence.

The K - 8th Korean War Veterans Section: The 2010 Scholastic Team Champions - Pioneer Chess Club, Arcade, NY, Coached by Thomas Warner. 2nd Place Team - The Knights of the Homeschool Table and 3rd Place Team - Olmstead #64.

The 2010 Scholastic Champion was Undefeated - Ryan Palmisano, grandson of Thomas A. Warner and The Pioneer Chess Team, 2nd Place - Austin Kossow, grandson of Thomas A. Warner and The Pioneer Chess Team, 3rd Place - Kevin Lyle, Chess Club of Buffalo,4th Place - Samuel Santora, Chess Club of Buffalo and member of the Niagara Falls - Wegmans Chess Wednesday night group, and 5th Place - Todd Thompson, The Pioneer Chess Club.

Upset K - 8 Leaders were Mike Penzel, Pioneer Chess Club, John Blum, Zach Madden - Pioneer Chess Club, Ryan Palmisano, Pioneer Chess Club and Austin Kossow, Pioneer Chess Club.

The 2010 WNY Scholastic Fall Team K - 12 Section Champions - The Pioneer Chess Team, Coached by Thomas A. Warner, 2nd Place Team - East High School Dark Knights.

Undefeated 2010 WNY Scholastic K-12 Champion - Ryan Madden, 9th grader at Pioneer Chess Club, 2nd Place - Nathan Palmisano, 7th grader, grandson of Thomas A. Warner, Pioneer Chess Club, 3rd Place - Newcomer Karl White, 11th grader at East High, 4th Place - Joshua Hampton, 11th grader at East High, 5th Place - Wes Darling, 10th grader at Pioneer Chess Club.

Upset Leaders were Jonathan Boone and Joshua Hampton both students at East High.

Special thanks to all the parents, moms and dads who helped serve Pizza and refreshments. We have pictures to be sent that I will add later.

Sincerely, Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

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