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The final results are in from the 2012 USCF National High School Scholastic U1200 Team Championships held in Minneaoplis, MN where the Bishop Timon Chess Team wins 24th Place out of 63 teams with 338 players in the section.

The Bishop Timon team headed by Coach Bowers, travelled with a six man team, members were Tim Keane(738), finished 117/338 players with 4 pts, Seii Kojo(951), finished 159 with 3.5 pts, Joshua Benham(963),finished 193 with 3.0 pts, Matthew Leahy(1147), finished 205 with 3 pts, Matthew Rzeznik(1104), finished 207 with 3 pts, and Kyle Kostek(1170), finished246 with 3 pts.

The K-12 National High School U1200 Undefeated 2012 Champion was Kaustubh Sanjay Nimkar, 9th grader, USCF rated 1111, from Lawrence, Kansas!

I want to invite Coach Bowers and The Bishop Timon Chess Team to join us on Saturday, April 21st at the Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main St, Buffalo, NY, to CONGRATULATE and welcome the Bishop Timon Team back to Buffalo and for their efforts in bringing home a USCF National Scholastic K-12 Team U1200 24th Place Trophy!

If you like to participate, please reply to by friday, April 20th with full name, USCF number, Section and telephone. All players must report by 9:30am, Games will start at 9:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm and 3pm, four games, no elimination, Game 50 with a 5 second delay. FREE PIZZA, refreshments and CAKE! for all paid tournament players.

Reported by Michael A. Mc Duffie, USCF Chess Coach and Chess Ambassador

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