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Its official, the University of Buffalo held its first official Chess Club Spring Chess Championships in the Student Union on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. The UB Chess Club is an official recognized Chess Club in its first year of funding by the UB Student Association. Chess sets, chess boards and a few digital chess clock were provided for the tournament.

Stephen Dygert and Matt Parry tied for first place. The club tournament committee members Mark, Scott and Ruba met briefly and decided to break the tie with a five minute blitz game. CONGRATULATIONS to STEPHEN DYGERT, from the Rochester Chess Club and the first official 2012 Collegiate Chess Champion and winner of a Premium Chess set and board.

Twenty two players turned out for its first handicapped, four games, G/15 Collegiate Chess Championship. Local USCF notable players participating were Sam Copeland - 2100, National Master Barry Davis - 2208, Rochester Chess Club members - Stephen Dygert - 2130 and National Master Matt Parry 2260, UB President Scott Zdunczyk - 1400, Mark Johnson - 1850 and Sandipan Kundu - 1400.

Here are the final standings in order; Stephen Dygert - 3.5pts, Matt Parry - 3.5 pts, Noel Shafi - 3pts, Mark Johnson - 3pts, Barry Davis - 3pts, Sam Copeland - 3pts, Matt Gibbs - 2pts, Sandipan Kundu - 2pts, Dalton Barksdale - 2pts, Brandon Gonzalez - 2pts, Scott Zdunczyk - 2pts, Alex Haddad - 2pts, Thanusyan Jegathesswaran - 2pts, Ben Shumway - 2pts, Amer Shamaa - 1pt, Jason E. Robinson - 1pt, Ryan Paxson - 1pt, Rachel Alfasso - 1pt, Sujith Vellnattikuzoii - 0pts, Ally Mkrtichyan - 0 pts, Andrea Laistner - 0pts, and Ari Mendoza - 0 pts.

Thank you! For allowing me to direct the first official 2012 UB Collegiate Chess Championship! Good Luck with your new status and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy stands ready to help! Your UB Chess players are always "WELCOMED" to join us in our monthly chess tournaments. If anyone is interested, they can reply to

Reported by Michael A. Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director

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