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Kalfas, Dunsworth tie at Sardinia

Sardinia played the perfect host saturday as out of towners won all the prizes in the 4 round open. Veteran Dick Kalfas of Jamestown defeated Ryan Madden in round four to tie for 1st with Ray Dunsworth of Erie, Pa, each with 3.5/4. Ray's son Josh, with 3pts, won the u1500 prize and Ray's other son Chris, also with 3pts, won the u1200. Well done Dunsworth family!

Other players were Pat Patterson, Nathan Palmisano, Chris and Wes Darling, Austin Kossow, Lucas Grisanti, Max Peters, Todd Thompson, and Zach Madden.

Zach Madden won the Scholastic section with 3pts over Max Peters, Wes Darling, Todd Thompson, and Lucas Grisanti.

Next tournament May 5. see you then!

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