Next Tournament

Coming soon to a park near you?

Imagine if Buffalo-Niagara could have its own version of NYC's Washington Park?
I had just spoken to a nice gentleman and causual chess player who is involved in the renovation of a park in Buffalo that is located at the intersection of Main and Jewett in Buffalo. He said that they were considering adding inlaid outdoor chess tables there. This would be great!
He mentioned that he thought there was a few such tables in Lewiston. I was not aware of this and I will go check on this.
Summertime and chess in WNY would be a tremendous combination. I would even be interested in sponsoring a staged traveling outdoor tournament circuit.
Does anyone know where else in the area such outdooor chess activity is taking place?


  1. This one would be definitly great. I hope those would be real chessboard (64 squares) not some round checkered form or 7X7.

  2. Yes, indeed there is a chess table in the Lewiston Yellow House Pavillion.

  3. There is a park with several boards like this in Cheektowaga. On Cedargrove circle inbetween redwood and elikins drive. Cedargrove circle can be reached from Gennese on Elwood or on Harlem near the 33 exit.
    I haven't actually been in the park since I was a high schooler. As for what I can recall its a nice park. I'll be near there sometime this week and I'll make sure its still there.
    Francis Buennagel

  4. Well one is better than none. Turns out there where two but now only one since the other table fell on hard times. Still it is a nice table with a good board.
    I'm thinking that somewhere in WNY there might be a place with several of these tables. We have so many parks in the community. It might be right behind your house. We should keep an eye out for it.