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Don't Forget to Vote!

There is just one month left to vote for four of 10 candidates for the executive board of the USCF. This will be a very important election to determine the future of chess in our country. In order for your ballot to count it must be received by July 25th in Tennesee.
Although, this blogsite will not officially endorse any candidates, personally I will be voting for Polgar, Truong, Bauer and Korenman.
The statements of the 10 candidates begin on page 52 of the June issue of Chess Life. Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about the candidates and the election.


  1. Voted already. We all should vote.
    (Wanted to vote for MM, HS, RH & JD but I did not see their names.)

  2. Well there always are write in votes. Actually my name may be on the NYSCA ballot this year. Will see.

  3. yes, i voted. but more importantly,... are these outfits regulation chess wear now? jd