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Private David Evans, Jr.
Died May 23, 2003
During Iraqi Operation Freedom
Here are the results from the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change Buffalo Open Grand Prix Tournament. Total attendance was 39 players, a new high for the year. The Kellogg LCC Tournament was dedicated to one of Buffalo's soldiers who died in Iraq, a Kensington HS graduate David Evans, Jr. For more information about the local hero can be found at
New York State Senator Antoine M. Thompson stopped by and took photos with some of the winners and the players. Senator Thompson is currently working with the family members to raise money for the David Evans, Jr. Scholarship Fund as well as to increase awareness of the benefits of chess.
Contributions for this worthy cause were accepted by his father, David Evans, Sr. Each person who donated to the fund were given a Blockbuster raffle ticket. The WINNING TICKET was #740217. The winner should contact me for their prize. Results from the David Evans, Jr. Memorial Section were as follows: 1st Place and undefeated (5-0), for his 3rd tournament this year - Aaron Mc Duffie; 2nd Place went to Kingman Bassett III, and 3rd Place & Top Female was Bethany Cates. Top upsets were Bridget Smith defeating Julius Spencer (529) for a total of 214 points in Round 3 and Victoria Stauffiger also defeating Julius Spencer for a total of 159 Points in Round 5. In the Mayor Byron W. Brown Section (Grades K-3), 1st Place and Undefeated for his second tournament this year (4-0-1) - Trevor Cohn; 2nd Frankie Rodriguez, and 3rd Shannon Smith. Top upset was Samantha Rodriguez defeating brother Frankie in a disparity of 537 points! This occurred after she got mad when he captured her queen. The message is: "Don't Mess With Samantha's Queen!"
The Kellogg Grand Prix Section had a tie for 1st Place between NM Lionel L. Davis and Rev. Marijan Procyk. 3rd Place was also a tie this time between three players- David "Pawn Master" Mc Duffie (Baltimore, MD), Luka Glinsky (Erie, Pa) and Mark Clark (Bemus Point, NY). Thomas Warner captured the most upset points (294) in Round 3, when he defeated 13 year old Aquino Inigo (2041), a new Canadian visitor. It was in that same round where Marijan Procyk drew with National Master Lionel L Davis (rating difference of 143), Vince Woodard drew Mark Clark (difference of 201). While in Round 2, David "Pawn Master" Mc Duffie defeated Mark Clark with a differential of 211 points. I also would want to welcome the other Canadian and first time visitor Michael Prysiazyny (1772). The Senator Antoine M Thompson Section was once again won by Evan Ashton with an undefeated 4-0 score. Evan hasn't been defeated since winning the Mayors Cup back in June 2007. Evan had his picture taken with Senator Thompson. A four way tie for 2nd Place took place with a new player Jerome Barton, along with John Campbell, David Biddle and William Rich. Adam Schunk had the largest upset point when he defeated Steven Baer who was rated 440 higher than him. Other noteable surprise results were William Rich defeating Dr. James Paul (192 point difference) and then also over Chess Gear Vendor Sophia L Lewis (237 difference), Phillip Laugeman besting David Biddle (403 point seperation), and Lee Smith had an upset win over Sophia L Lewis (a 234 point disparity). Sophia, however, was the Top Female for the November Grand Prix. New chess players were Michael Gerow and Jerome Barton. The next tournament will be THE BLIZZARD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS! 5 Rounds, Game 45 & 60, SWISS, Saturday, December 29th, 2007. Sections are Open, U1600, U1400 and U1200. All sections have the same CASH AWARDS based upon 20 entries of 1ST PLACE $150, 2ND PLACE $90 AND 3RD PLACE $60. Advanced entry fees are the same $25 (USD) before December 22nd, or CASH $35 (USD) AT 135 Wilbur Avenue, Kenmore Community Center, Kenmore NY. Registration closes at 9:15am, First Round starts at 10am. All checks and registration must be mailed to ARCHANGEL 8 CHESS ACADEMY, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221. Include full name, current id number, current rating and section. Can also email me at ALL LATE ARRIVALS MUST TAKE 1/2 POINT BYE.


  1. Thank you Mr. Mc Duffie for your nicly done report. It is always a pleasure to have possibility to play in rated tournament. My rating did increase 10 points, but it was based on 2 games, although I played 4. Would be different story if I even drew one with our friends from Canada.
    That is what I do not like about chess politics. In my oppinion Canadian players should have some sort of US rating based on Canadian rating, rather than being unrated. How good is 249 points upset for Mr. Warner if in reality he did not have any increase of his rating from that game. And if he lost or even had a draw he would lose so many points. Same thing is in Canada. When I played in Niagara Falls, Ont. having good result, those who lost game with me lost many points because I was there as unrated, although my US rating was used for pairing. Does this make any sense?

  2. I have spoken to the US Chess Federation about this. They will adjust or accept Canadian ratings and not make them unrated when they first join. The Chess Federation must be notified after submitting the tournament for rating. Thanks for your comments! Also there are at least 10 Grandmasters that live in the Ontario region who could come over and play. I have asked FIDE to help me host a FIDE Tournament because the Canadians must play out of the country.

  3. Thanks. FIDE Tournament here? That would be great, but would not be easy to do that.