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Main Place Mall December Tournament

On this past Saturday, December 8, there was a tournament in Main Place Mall in Buffalo organized by Michael Mc Duffie "the Chess Ambassador".
Master Lionel Davis and yours truly shared 1-2 place. Here are some positions from my games:
1. 1:0. M.P.-Michael Prysiazyny Black played in this position 17. …Nd3. How good or bad was that move? Game finished in 11 more moves. 2. 0:1. Aquini Inigo-M.P. Black is pawn up but he is to lose the a-pawn in next move. What should black play? 3. draw. M.P.-Lionel Davis After 26.Nd3 Qf6 Black offered draw. He was low on time. Was I justified to accept it? 4. 0:1. Tom Warner-M.P. After 19...Nd5 20.Bd2 what move would you play? Evan Ashton won all four of his games in the Under 1600 Section. Congratulations!
A full report likely will be provided by Mr. Mc Duffie in the near future.


  1. This would help me if folks also
    commented on my suggestion. I think
    on #2, I'd play Nc5,and exchange
    knights with my queen still in a
    position to defend the pawns on the
    a and b files. I assume the pawn on
    a5 would be safe because if the
    white Knight doesn't take the Knight
    on c5, Black would take the queen.



  2. Vic: If black plays ...Nc5, then white can take the a5 pawn immediately Qxa5.

    And now the black knight is pinned is about to be lost. and hence ...Qxb3 is forced after which Qxc5+ (check) and white has won a pawn back and also blacks king in center and white is better.

  3. in 2nd position, i as black would just play ...Kf7 and activate my rook. black's one extra pawn should still be good

  4. Harish,

    Of course - you are right. I simply
    didn't see the obvious - that I now
    was blocking the protection of the
    pawn with the knight move. Have to
    learn to look a little deeper than
    I currently do !

    Thanks. But still good for me to
    keep thinking and getting feedback.
    Appreciate it.