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Blitzard Warning CANCELLED!!!

Sorry Guys and Gals the Blitz tournament will not take place due to lack of numbers. Perhaps another time. Why not go to Wegmans for the regular Saturday friendly session? See: The original post is below:
No, there will not be a blizzard tomorrow, just maybe a little snow. But since it is a rarity now in Erie and Niagara Counties that there is no tournament this Saturday, is anyone interested in having a rated Blitz tournament? My thought is instead of the Saturday Niagara Falls Chess Club Wegmans Meeting tomorrow, we could do a rated Blitz tournament at my Niagara Falls office. Say Game/10 starting at 630-7 PM and would we play as many rounds as we can get in between food and drink. I'll buy the pizza and wings, serve as TD, and submit the ratings report. If we can get at least 6 players, I'll make it a go. If interested in doing this comment below with name and phone# or email address. We only need 5 more to commit. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm in!
    Mark Mieth
    USCF# 12975121 exp.10/31/11
    Quick rating 1420

  2. I will play

    USCF# 13247130

    Quick Rating: 1688

  3. I have funeral in the morning and so O have to be with Joseph at 4. Would like to be at your place, but I cannot. To bad it is this Saturday.
    Good luck to all

  4. This is my phone#848-0779, quick rating 2035

  5. Mark,

    I am trying to see if Dave B. and
    perhaps Tom C. would be interested
    in joining in, but so far, have
    not heard back. If you don't get
    a critical mass, we can still
    convene at Wegman's. If Ihear back
    and they wish to play, I'll join


  6. I was thinking of coming out but I'm not interested in playing that quickly. I just spoke with Vic and he said Dave B. is not going to attend. If you don't have enough people Vic and I would still be interested in playing at Wegmans this evening.

    -Tom C.

  7. Alright then we will try to do this another time.

  8. Tom C. and I will be at Wegman's
    then at about 6:45 pm....

    Hope to see others....