Next Tournament


  • Saturday, February 21, 2009
  • Main Place Mall, Upper Level 390 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14201 FREE PARKING UNDER MALL, FOOD COURT OPEN
  • Four rounds, Swiss system, Game 45. USCF rules enforced
  • Three sections: Open, U1450, and Scholastic
  • Registration from 8:30am until 9:25am. Late comers after 9:25am must take one half point bye and wait until Round 2. No Checks on site - CASH ONLY!
  • US Chess Federation Membership required. Can join USCF membership on site for additional yearly membership fee.
  • Round times: 9:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm, 3:00pm.

Entry fees and Prizes:

  • President Obama/King Open: Advance entry fee $30 or $40 at the door. Cash prizes based upon 15 entries. 1st Place $200, 2nd Place $100, 3rd Place $60, Class prize U1700 $50.
  • U1450 Sen. Antoine M Thompson: Advance entry fee $25 or $35 at the door. Cash prizes based upon 15 entries. 1st Place $150, 2nd Place $100, 3rd Place $50.
  • David Evans Jr Memorial Scholastic: Advance entry $10 or $15 at the door. Trophies for the top 3 winners, Medals for those who earn at least 2 points.
  • Special RAFFE: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA PUZZLES, Tickets are $5.00 for arms length. Drawing will be after the third round.

As we want to start on time, please register in advance by mail or register online at or by commentting below no later than Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009. with full name, USCF ID number, USCF rating and section of play. Please mail checks to: Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221 postmarked no later than Tuesday Feb.17, 2009.

Thanks for all of your continued support and dedication in growing the Buffalo - Niagara Falls Chess Community.

Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador, Fellow of WK Kellogg Foundation


  1. I plan to play.

    Mark Mieth
    #12975121 exp 10/31/11

  2. hey guys, i have a favor to ask of somebody...I have to be in buffalo on friday, and i was wondering if i could stay with somebody friday night into saturday and then drive to the grand prix with them, (or i can drive i do have a car). If not its fine, i just won't be able to play...because the back and forth from rochester to buffalo is arguous.

    Any help would be great,
    Josh Rofrano,
    or comment here, i keep up on this blog often.

  3. Count me in as well.

    Thomas C Callea

    ID #13998262 Exp. 07/2009

    Section: U1450

    Rating: 1440

  4. Michael,

    I intend on playing as well.

    - Vic.

    USCF ID : 13880240
    U1450 section
    Expiration : 1/31/2011

  5. looks like im playing thanks to doug.

    Josh Rofrano
    12719585 exp 2009-06-30

  6. I plan to play.

    Chris Sherry
    #13267882 exp 11/30/09