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Can this be a draw

What should be white's next move, what squares should he avoid?
(The game is procyk-jongers from a match)


  1. Both Kf3 and Kf2 look dubious due to capture on d1 with check (as queen or knight). So that leaves h3 or g2. On Kh3, there is ...Qe6+ protecting f7. So that leaves only g2. But still I am concerned about ...Qxf6 since I dont white can accept the sacrifice with gxf6 as then he has no perpetual after cxd1=Q. So may after Kg2 Qxf6 white should just move his d1 rook somewhere. Still white has to be careful I think

  2. You are right but after Qxf6 there is some play. It will be good excercise on Wednesday. Marijan