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Over forty two total players and spectators came out to honor our fallen veterans and the serving armed forces servicemen and families. This year we honored The Montford Marines and Norwich University, the oldest private military academy in the United States.

Results of the Norwich University Scholastic K-12 Section are as follows; 7 scholastic players participated in four games with a chess clock.

Undefeated Champion - Ashton A. William, 2nd grader of the Stars of India Chess Club, Top Female Award and Top 4th grader - Ruby Z. Soudant, member of the Olmsted Golden Knights of 64 and Urban Queens Chess club, Top Boy Scout of America Award - Aaron Cooper, Troop 554, Top 7th - 9th grader - James Regdos.

Results in the Tuskegee Airmen U1500 Section where 16 players participated. Honors for Undefeated Champion and Top Collegiate Champion, an Unrated new member to the USCF - Tamal T. Biswas from the University of Buffalo Collegiate Chess Club, 2nd Place Tie - Glenn Conlin and Samuel E. Santora the 2012 Mayor's Cup K-12 Champion.

The Wendys Restaurant Upset Leaders; Wesley Darling with 263 points and Todd Thompson with 113 points both visitors from the Pioneer Middle School Chess Club and Top Scholastic Canadian was Vinay Sharma of Welland Ontario.

Results of the Montord Marines Open Section had 19 players participate, two were USCF National Masters. Undefeated Champion was National Master - Lionel L. Davis, 2nd Place Tie was National Master - Barry Davis, Erik W. Lubas, Daniel J Allen and Charles A. Lubas.

Top Collegiate Award - Charles A. Lubas, Pittsburgh, Pa, Top High School Award - Erik W. Lubas, Kenmore West, Wendy's Restaurant Upset Leaders were Matthew G. Peck with 427 points and Brian Sayers with 313 points.

Thanks for all your continued help and support.

Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director

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