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With no Chess games to play, after helping Santa, went to church with my santa hat on and a lil 4 1/2 yr old girl, who I didnt know, came over and sat down next to me and said "Hi" whats your name?, Im Elf Michael, Santa's Helper! I asked her what did she want from Santa, she said she wanted Santa to know she asked for a "Dream Light" but someone has already given her a Dream Light, so Santa can take that off her list. I smiled and said as Santa's Elf, I would make sure that Santa would take it off his list for her. SANTA lives in our hearts and minds, you never know what a christmas hat and christmas spirit will bring out in all of us!

Merry Christmas to everyone, Happy Holidays and have a safe Happy New Year 2013!

Bought some spices for christmas cookies and sweetpotato pie from Penzeys Spices on Elmwood, being a "Pampered Santa Chef", great smells at the store, still in the christmas spirit came home, put on christmas music of the mighty Temptations, Babyface, Vandross, Silk, Barry White, and Gerald Levert, made some chocolate chip with walnuts "Christmas cookies. Family told me you cant make christmas cookies with chocolate chip dough, floured the cutters of Angel, Buffalo, Xmas Tree and Candy cane, thought I pass these photos on to all who might have the same idea.

Despite all the good advice, all the cookies have now disappeared, now I have to make another batch for Santa and the Elfs for the upcoming Elf party.

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  1. Hi,
    These Sounds like Yummy..!!
    This Christmas Cheese Cookie looks delicious.
    I love cookies most. I read you blog its really interesting.
    This little girl looks magnificent.
    Thanks For Sharing...