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Twenty players supported the second event of the Buffalo Summer Chess Festival series held at the Main Place Mall on Saturday, July 20, 2013. As America celebrates the anniversary of this historic event, over 198,000 black soldiers and native americans lost their lives during this war. Most were volunteers, although were promised their freedom from slavery and no wage pay, still chose to be volunteers against accepting an later offer for a lower wage of pay and were severely treated if caught by the opposition.

Two Sections were named after the United States Colored Troops and the Confederate Black Soldiers. Medals of Honored were later awarded to Sergeant William Carney, Most distinguished gallantry in action, during the assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina on July 18, 1863. Some of the first military volunteers were the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, Commanded by Robert G.Shaw and the 1st South Carolina Volunteers Commanded by Thomas Wentworth. Harriet Tubman was also Scout and Nurse for the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers Regiment, other famous females were Susie King Taylor and Clara Barton from Dansville NY, who later established in 1905, National First Aid Association of America, now known as the American Red Cross. Seneca Indian, Ely Parker was secretary under Ulysses S. Grant and scribed the surrender of the south.

I want to express my gratitude towards those players who are registering in advance for the monthly chess events, which greatly helps in planning and preparing for the events. New to the US Chess Federation is William Lobbins, who has been attending the monthly Buffalo Chess Open House at the Buffalo Central Library. Three players traveled down from Lockport NY, Joseph Biggie, Corey Spencer and Kevin Vincent, all members of the Lockport Golden Knights Chess Club. Returning member was Robert Hughes.

The official results of the Under 1500 - Confederate Black Soldiers Section was Undefeated Champion - Christopher Roland, just back from the World Open in Washington DC. Second place Tie were Russell Wijesiriwardena(Niagara Falls NY)- 2013 Mayor's Cup U1500 Champion, Glenn Conlin and Top Scholastic - Dekayla S. Dubose.

Wendy's Restaurant Top Upset Leaders were Steve Baer, just back from the World Open in Washington DC defeated Robert Simpson, Esq. for 104 points, Glenn Conlin for 15 points, Russell Wijesiridena for 6 points and Christopher Roland for 2 points.

Official results of the OPEN section, representing the United States Colored Troops were Co Champions - National Master, Lionel L. Davis and National Master, Barry Davis. Third place tie were Top Scholastic Erik Lubas, Kevin Roulhac, David Miller and James P. Davis, Esq.

Wendy's Restaurant Upset Leaders were James J. Paul, OD(1498) defeated David S. Miller(1641) for 15 points and National Master, Barry Davis(2192) draws National Master, Lionel L. Davis(2273) for 40.5 points.

Thanks to all those who continue to help support our growth of chess in Western New York. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, August 24, 2013, Inaugural David W. Mc Duffie PawnMaster Memorial Chess Classic, on the first anniversary of his death Friday, August 24, 2012 in Baltimore MD. Details will follow, questions and reply for more information can be sent to

Reported by Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director

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