Next Tournament

Baseline chess with Fischer rules

Based on the article at why not organize this type of tournament for fun. Maybe the author, IM Ken Regan, would be willing to participate. Obviously this could not be rated, but we definitely would enjoy it. So when we will have it?


  1. We can try it :). It might help us improve regular chess as well :)

  2. I would of course be willing to take part! My only experience has been one untimed game with Jaan Ehlvest after the 2006 White Mem. at UB (he beat me as White with the standard steup), and two 5-min. games with Hikaru Nakamura when I visited the US Open last Aug 1. Nakamura won both, but I had a great game in the first one. My one unknown design factor is whether both players would automatically place both Bishops in corners if allowed, which I fear would lead to drawish exchanges. Hence I consider mandating at least one Rook in a corner. But curiously---and this lurks behind comments with a Swede on the item's discussion page---chess engines that allow you to enter different start positions under "Position Setup" tend to rate those with Bishops in the corner lower than ones with them in the middle.

    Another thing for this metro area to consider is suggested by my comment #8 in this Susan Polgar item. If things do come down to expanding the board and armies, can we lobby for a new piece called a Buffalo? :-)

    ---Ken Regan

  3. The Buffalo would be a fine choice, it should be a few pieces that could be used to "circle up" and be a strong defensive wall, or be used once a game for a strong charge that would clear everything off a file, rank, or diagonal! Lastly, of course, when it snows,(to borrow a phrase from former Mayor Griffin) it can go home and have a six pack and wings!