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Here are the following results from last nights chess matches at the Kenmore Community Center, 135 Wilbur Avenue, Kenmore NY, hosted by the Town of Tonawanda Youth Park and Recreational Department, under the direction and guidance of Michael Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director and Chairman of the Archangel 8 Chess Academy. The league meets for chess tactics, training and league play every thursday night for adults and students starting at 6pm till 8:30pm. Results are submitted by the Recreational Department to the Kenmore News. This weeks matches were as follows: New member Russell Williams(900) defeated Katie Czerwinski(884), Undefeated Eric Lubas(931) defeated Evan Hayes(884), Undefeated Trevor Cohn(932) defeated Andrew Lester(901), Nick Czerwinski(869) upset victory over Undefeated Samantha Rodriguez(932), and Frankie Rodriguez(899) defeated Jessica Lester(884). Undefeated Leaders are Trevor Cohn(947) (3-0), Eric Lubas(946) (3-0), Russell Williams(916) (1-0), and Benjamin Havey(916) (1-0). WEEKLY SCHOLASTIC STANDINGS Trevor Cohn - 947 Eric Lubas - 946 Russell Williams - 916 Benjamin Havey - 916 (Excused) Frankie Rodriguez - 915 Samantha Rodriguez - 914 Nick Czerwinski - 887 Andrew Lester - 886 Beatrice Havey - 884 (Excused) Alex Segelhurst - 884 (Excused) Evan Hayes - 869 Katie Czerwinski - 868 Jessica Lester - 868 If you would like to join, establish a chess team, arrange a friendly match with our Ken-Ton Team, or need further information, please contact Archangel 8 Chess Academy at

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