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A few games from Saturday's KLCC

It was another great event put on by Michael Mc Duffie. Rev. Marijan missed out this Saturday but still hoped to see some games from the just concluded KLCC tournamnet. Therefore, I will offer my two for you all to view. Here's hoping however, that the "big boys" (i.e IM Regan, NMs Davis, and Mark) will follow suit. Just for Rev. Marijan, I played 1.d4 each time, fittingly too, one was a Ukrainian variation of the Old Indian Defense. The cross table of the entire tournament results is at: Round 1 white vs. NM Eddie Mark (2109) Old Indian Defense-Ukrainian Version It's always interesting to see what chess engines say about your games. I used Chessmaster 11 to analyze this and not surprisingly, NM Mark had a 95% agreement rate, while I was only 65%. I was Ok up until move 12. g4, better was Bf5. After this blunder, I just threw away too much in hopes for a "cheap-o." Round 2 white vs. Tom Warner (1746) King's Indian Defense- Fianchetto Variation I was aided by the ever difficult challenge of my opponent being distracted by his need to keep an eye out on one of his younger players in the scholastic section. In this case Tom was watching his grandson. I likely could have pressed for the win, had I played slower at the end, particularly 50. Qe3 instead of the h5 move. Given the circumstances, I was still was pleased with the draw.


  1. How nice! Thank you, Mark. Still I wish I was there. And you did not tell me the results. Will see you Wednesday so I expect(!) full repport...

  2. Marijan,
    You are welcome.

    I do not know the full results as I had left before the conclusion of the top two sections. So we both are awaiting Mr. Mc Duffie's report.

    Felix finished second in the U1200.

    As I said, it was another fine event run by Mr. Mc Duffie. My only comments are that in the future: (1) Consider using the long tables for chess playing and place the small tables in a long row, for the chess vendor to display her wares. Also after registration is done, use those long tables for play as well. And (2) to seperate the room into the Open and U1600 section on one side and the scholastic and U1200 on the other side with the middle dividing section being the vendor in order to minimize the distractions that occur as the players begin talking too loudly awaiting the next round. Lastly (3) have the tables numbered to facilitate the start of the rounds, instead of players trying to find each other and then also a suitable table.

  3. How can I upload a game?---I haven't yet tried my hand at blog guest-posting either. Lionel and I each missed 2 wins in the final stages of our game, where the G/40+5" control was felt, and the wins we missed are all especially instructive.

  4. Ken,

    If you contact Harish, he can make you an editor of the blog and then you can post on your own. I believe theat there is a link for that request on the right hand side board.

    If, however, you would rather just have myself or Harish post something for you instead, then just email what you want up and I or he would be glad to do so.

    Regarding uploading games, once you have the pdf file or even just the move list, you can use

    to create the interactive game board. Alteratively, again you can email it to me and I can do so for you.

    Congratulations, on your first place showing, but even more so to your children, Rebecca and Alexander, on their participation and fine initial performance!

    As always, I wish you the best in chess and in life,