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Sardinia Results

Ten Players joined the fun last Saturday at the Sardinia Community Center for a round robin tournament. The adult and scholastic section were combined to make a surprisingly competetive tournament. The cross table is available at: Tied for first were veteran Pat Patterson and youngster Ryan Madden with 7 pts. each. The scholastic trophy was won by Dillon Smith, who with his father Joe, traveled from Scio(a 1 hr 15 min ride!) to play. Dillon (4.5pts) edged out Ryan Palmisano(3.5pts) by beating his father in the last round! I wonder-some collusion there maybe? Just kidding Joe! It was a pleasure having you guys there. Also parcipating were Tom Warner, Jon Darling, and Joe Smith for the adults and Ryan Palmisano, Nathan Palmisano, Robert Becker, and Wesley Darling for the kids. The next tournament is scheduled for Feb. 2. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Well done Tom!

    Thanks for posting that.

    Congrats to Mr. Patterson and "Mr." Madden. Nice to see that Ryan is no longer considered a scholastic player!

    Way to go Dillon!

    The cross table lists only 8 players, however. Were the two others non-USCF members?