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Round 2 Jamestown City Championship Update

Round 2 of the 6 player competition for the Axel Anderson* Memorial Plaque and honor of being the 2008 City of Jamestown Chess Champion had the following results:
Kalfas 1- Mirgalia 0 Johnson 1 - Thompson 0 Clark 1 - W Ed Turner 0
Cummulative score now stands at:
Kalfas (1975) 2-0
Johnson (1946) 2-0
Clark (2028) 1-1
Mirgalia (1975) 1-1
Thompson (1678) 0-2
Turner (818) 0-2
The Jamestown Chess Club has been meeting at the Boys & Girls club since around 1987, prior to that it was at the Jamestown YMCA for over 60 years. Please note that on April 19 and 26 the Boys and Girls Club will be closed and therefore the chess club will meet at the Chautauqua Mall Food Court. Contact Mr. Mark Clark for more information at
* It has told that Axel had a draw vs. Rueben Fine.

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