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Buffalo-Niagara Wins First Place!

This past Saturday at St. Bonaventure University, "The Thundering Herd" Team from Buffalo-Niagara won The Second Annual Robert Johnson Memorial Chess Team Tournament.
They narrowly beat the team from Bradford, PA, while finishing third was the Southtowns Team. Jamestown Chess Club also competed in the event.
"The Thundering Herd" featured NM Barry Davis who tied for first in the Open Section with 2.5/3. Top scorer for the team, however, was Robert Simpson who captured the full three points in winning the U1600 Section out right. Also performing well were expert Rev. Marijan Procyk with 2 points in the Open,Tom Callea who garnered 1.5 points playing in both sections, and Vic Bahl who collected 1.5 points in the U1600. In non scoring positions but rounding out the team were Samuel Santora and Mark Mieth.


  1. Please join The Thundering Herd in sending our best wishes to our friend and team member, Tom Callea, who left WNY to join the Navy right after this tournament. If Tom protects our country like he protects his King, we'll all sleep better at night! Tom - we are expecting you to return on leave with an Armed Forces Trophy!

  2. I'm so proud of my baby brother..Bob. I recall, although somewhat fuzzy, his early years of playing chess with anyone who remotely could play the game. He's come a long way.

    Kudos and love, Big sis

  3. Barry aka the "dinosaur"November 6, 2010 at 3:01 AM

    Tom remember this when all else fails, its the little things in life which are important, be faithful over them and he will be faithful over you! On your journey why you do is more important than what you do! Your friend for life, who is always searching for the truth kept our kings safe!!

  4. Tom, I will ask in my prayers for your protection knowing that you are on the mission to protect all of us. As you learned how to take care of the safety of your wooden army so you will learn how to take care of your own safety in the navy. By doing this you will provide for our safety. See you around whenever you come our way. Remember – we can play on line.

  5. Hey Uncle Bob!
    Remember when you would come over on your lunch break in Ransomville to face off in chess with your niece? That's how I got my skills (minor as they are.) Well done Team Thundering Herd! God Bless. Krissy

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I have mailed Tom a copy of your posts to boot camp. I am sure they will boost his spirits to know his fellow Chess players wish him well in his new endeavors. I know he will miss all of you!

    June Callea