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The first Annual Herschell Carrousel National Chess Day Classic 2011 held at the Factory Museum in North Tonawanda, New York, had 19 scholastic chess players participate in three games, three sections and held the first All Girls Scholastic Championship.

Special thanks to the Herschell Carrousel Educational Staff who helped send out over 5000 flyers and press announcements. The Pioneer Chess Club and Coach Thomas A. Warner for all his help and support.

The Herschell Carrousel Classic Final Results are as follows: The 2011 Herschell Carrousel All Girls undefeated Champion is Laura E. Cohn, 3rd grader, from the Urban Queens and Knights Chess Club and member of the Gloria J Parks Chess Club. 2nd Place winner was Samiyah Kinsey, 5th grader, new member to the Chess Club of Buffalo.

The Herschell Carrousel Classic Youth Champion was Jeffrey Schalberg, 5th grader and team member of the Pioneer Chess Club in Yorkshire, NY. 2nd Place winner was Muath Kinsey, 4th grader, new member of the Chess Club of Buffalo.

The Herschell Carrousel Classic USCF Youth undfeated Champion was Nathan Palmisano, (Grandson - Thomas A. Warner) at Pioneer Chess Club. 2nd Place winner was tied with Chris Darling(Pioneer Chess Club) and James W. Lyon from St. Peter and Paul School.

All the students will receive a special Herschell Carrousel Certificate for their participation and for their performance as its first players of the annual classic. Other pictures are posted on the Herschell Carrousel facebook page. Please SAVE THE DATE, Saturday, October 6, 2012 for the 2nd Annual Herschell Carrousel Classic 2012.If you have any comments or suggestions about the Classic please reply to

Reported by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

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