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USCF FREE Tournament - Buffalo Central Library

In celebration of National Chess Month, 18 players came out to support the chess tournament in downtown Buffalo, New York. Two sections were held for Unrated players and USCF members on the first floor of the Central Library from 12:30pm until 4:30pm.

12 players participated in the Unrated section, including our youngest female player Clare Rados, a first grader, Shaka Davis, 6th grader, and Oren Forgette, 5th grader. Pictured are scholastic players working on Grandmaster Maurice Ashley's Pawn Mower Chess Puzzles. After 4 games, the Unrated Champion was Richard Hennessey, 2nd Place - Owen Miller and 3rd Place tie was Oren Forgette, Howard Lippes, MD and Tony Kimbrough.

The field of 6 players in the USCF section crowned Mike Jocko(1473) USCF Champion, 2nd Place - David S. Miller(1647) and 3rd Place - James P. Davis, Esq.(1481). Scholastic USCF members were James W. Lyon and Nathaniel Spencer. James J. Paul, MD(1505), brought a friend Howard Lippes, MD. National Master, Lionel L Davis came out to support the tournament and Shaka Davis.

We will meet on Sunday, October 30th for our final Halloween Chess Tournament of National Chess Month, Buffalo Central Library, One Lafayette Court, Buffalo, NY on the 1st floor at the Fables Cafe. Everyone is encouraged to wear Halloween Costumes or Face paint for this special event. This is a FREE USCF Tournament for current USCF members. The format is 3 to 4 games, Swiss, Game 30, USCF rated. Unrated players can play 3 to 4 games in the UNRATED section. Advance registration is greatly appreciated by Midnight on Saturday, October 29, 2011 with reply to Please bring chess set, chess board and digital chess clock.

Report submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador

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