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Today we head into the final day of the Western New York Masters and Class Championships 2009 aka "The Mayor's Cup". The construction didnt seem to hamper spectators from finding us.

Round 4 starts today at 9:30am for the Mayor's Cup FIDE Section. The top four Leaderboard reads as follows, Vance Williams(2098) has 2.5 points, Lionel L. Davis(2252)with 2.0 pts, Eddie E. Mark III(2201)has 2.0 pts, and Barry Davis(2167)also with 2.0pts. I guess, I should hand out more water to keep things cool today.

UPSET LEADERBOARD: Benjamin W. Havey - 277 pts, Charles A Lubas - 266, Vance Williams - 77, Joshua M. Rofrano - 40, Eddie E. Mark III - 25.5 and Barry Davis - 17.

ROUND 4 PAIRINGS start at 9:30am, Buffalo State College - Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo New York.

Board One: Vance Williams vs. Eddie E Mark III

Board Two: Barry Davis vs. Lionel L. Davis

Board Three: Joshua M Rofrano vs. Mark Clark

Board Four: Harish Srinivasan vs. Benjamin W. Havey

Board Five: David S. Miller vs. Charles A. Lubas

FINALS -Round Five will start at 2:30pm.

In the U1500 Antoine M Thompson Section there are two withdrawls, Robert Simpson and Christopher Smith. U1500 Section competition will start today at 10am with the FINALS Round Five at 2pm.

I hope to post the results of Round 4 this afternoon, so stay close or stop in and watch, play some Skittle games. Pictured above is Phartho Bhattacharya skittles with Winfield sisters. Dakayah A. Winfield earned a fifth place medal in the Hal Payne Section. This was her first championship medal, another Urban Knight member.

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