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Michael Jackson Memorial

Michael Jackson Memorial Open 4 Rd Swiss System , G/45 Open to all. 157 Cleveland Drive near Highview at the Clevehill Chess club at St. Aloysius in the rear enter through door F. Saturday , July 25, 2009 , rounds:9:30-11:30-1:30-3:30, entry fee: $15 if received by 7-18-09 $5 more at the site , $5 for scholastic players. Prizes: 1st, 2nd and class A, B,C, D and Unrated and Scholastic. Send advanced entries to Old School Chess Enterprises c/o Douglas Dubose 124 Military Road Buffalo , NY 14207 email . No checks accepted at the site , request 1st Rd. bye before Rd.1. All prizes based on 15 entries.


  1. Funny! I was just thinking of how great it would be to dedicate one of our tournaments to Jackson! - Tom.

  2. Why oh why are you naming this tournament after Michael Jackson?

    This is the fellow who publicly did the crotch grab, who did creepy things to young boys, and who dangled his kid over a balcony.

    If he was not a celebrity, he would have spent time in jail for these antics.

  3. Jackson and Fischer - geniuses on their respective stages, but otherwise pretty sad lives. Fischer, of course, did spend time in jail.

    Bob S.

  4. I am pleased that we are paying homage to the great musical icon who did a great deal for humanity in terms of his charitable gifts and efforts to end hunger in many parts of the world.

    Critics should not (in the absence of a conviction by a jury of his peers) pass judgement against him.

    The point behind an acquittal is that society should treat the accused as if he or she is absolutely innocent of the allegations against them.

    It is, therefore, quite appropriate for us to honor his creativity, his humanitarianism, and his desire for all people of the world to come together.

    Ed Mark