Next Tournament


I would like to form a team of players to participate in the Bob Johnson Memorial Tournament at St Bonaventure University on Saturday, September 26, 2009. We need at least 5 players-one of which must play in the Open section. It is free to participate but we must register two days in advance. No registrations onsite! See prior post at

If you are interested, please reply with full name, USCF ID and telephone number. The schedule starts at 10am, 1:30pm and 5pm. with 30 minutes between games to get a bite to eat or for post mortum. 3 round SS , Game/85 with 5 sec delay. Two sections Open and U1600. An unrated section which does not count for team standings is also available.

Tom Warner and Rochester have already registered. I'm sure we can get a few of us to represent the Buffalo area.


  1. Well you better hurry I just received the following email from the tournament director.

    The Bob Johnson Memorial Chess Team Championship Tournament is going to happen on the 26th. I just received the list of entrants below -- You can check to see that your name is on it and to check out who's playing in your section.

    Remember: the top 5 scorers count for the team total. At least one of these scorers must play in the open section. The unrated section will NOT be rated and cannot count for the team total. Please read the note at the end about trophies. We're looking for contributions towards a trophy fund . Westfield players should contact me or email Bob Ferguson directly so he has a good idea of what his trophy budget will be .

    Bob Ferguson wrote:

    "The University Club playing room has a maximum capacity rating of 50. It will be a bit more crowded than I prefer, but it will work. Six spaces are reserved for St. Bonaventure students, who just started classes; therefore there a total of six slots still available. I am hoping that Jamestown, Hornell, and Erie will fill most of those to help equalize the teams. If not, I have a few more from Bradford who have expressed interest.

  2. Now that the Sat 26th Quad is cancelled, it seems to me that a Buffalo team including IM Regan, NM Barry Davis, Rev. Procyk, and Douglas DuBois would be quite competitive!

  3. I would be interrested in going, but I remember fiasco in Sardinia. If we are serious we could have a good team otherwise no point. Marijan

  4. Register with Bob Ferguson at No EF, but we are looking for possible donations towards trophys to memorialize the Bob Johnson Tournament.