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NYS Championship Results

Georgian (the country not the state) GM GIORGI KACHEISHVILI tied with Indian (the country not Native American) SIDDHARTH RAVICHANDRAN for first in the Open section of the 131st New York State Open Championship with 5/6. However the title of New York State Champion likely stays with GM-elect Alex Lenderman as he was the highest scoring New Yorker at 4.5/6.
On a more local note: FM Igor Nikolayev and Ben Dean-Kamura, both members of The Rochester Chess Center finished 4/6 in the Open section good for a tie for 7th.
On an even more local level: Benjamin Havey scored 3.5/6 in the U2000 section good for a share of 14th place and Michael Gerow scored 5/6 to capture clear second in the U1600 section.


  1. Interestingly enough I played Siddarth Ravichandran in the syracuse university spring open. He easily defeated me in a caro kann (he was playing white). We did a post post mortem after the game, he was very nice and showed me where i went wrong and what i could've done better in the game. A real gentleman; Its nice to see he's doing so well, he is a grad student at Syracuse (last i spoke with him he was getting an MS in Mechanical Engineering).

  2. Josh,

    Thanks for the back story on him.

    Nice to know that there are players like him.

    I hope he will make his IM norms. His rating sure is high enough.