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Eleven scholastic chess players came out in support of the Scholastic K - 12 Championships.

The results of the day has 2nd grader, Samuel E Santora in the lead with three points, Kevin Lyle, Nathan Palmisano, Andrew Pencille(Lockport NY), James Hampton, and Jonathan Boone all have two points and Miles James with 1.5 pts, Raemell Johnson, Reagan Lyle and Joshua Hampton all with 1 point each.

The Scholastics Day Two will start tomorrow at 10am, 12:30pm and the Finals at 3pm.

In the U1500 Section, 12 players have finished the day. There is a 3 way tie for first with 2.5 points are the following, Francis Grabowski, James Paul, and James Davis, close behind with 2 points is Robert Simpson, then four players with 1.5 points are Mike Jocko, Glenn Conlin, Ryan Palmisano, and new comer Partha Kesavan. The U1500 section will start tomorrow at 10am and Finals are at 2pm.

In the Mayor's Cup Masters Section has 16 players, 4 players USCF rated 2070 to 2421. Leading the way for the new Mayor's Cup 2010 Crown is undefeated National Master, Lionel Davis with 3 points, close behind with 2.5 points are International Master, Kenneth Regan, 2008 Mayor's Cup Champion and National Master, Barry Davis. Players with 2 points are Eric Grabowski, Glenn Westcott, Patrick Robinson and Eric Lubas.

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