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Proudly presented by Buffalo Fire Commissioner, Garnell W. Whitfield Jr., in conjunction with Simpson & Simpson, PLLC and The Archangel 8 Chess Academy.

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main Street, Buffalo New York 14201.

FREE PARKING under Mall and Food Court open during tournament play.

Please join me in honoring America's first military black airmen! The Red Tail fighters were awarded Presidential Unit citations for Outstanding Tactial Air Support and Aerial Combat.

GURANTEED CASH PRIZES $445.00! SWISS, 4 ROUNDS, GAME 50, USCF Open rated, Games start promptly at 9:45am, 11:30pm, 1:15pm and 3pm. All particpants should check in no later than 9:30am, which will allow us to start promptly!

Advanced entries are $20 or $35.00 Cash only onsite. Online registrations to for $20 entry must be received by midnight, wednesday June 16, 2010, please include full name, section and USCF Id number. All players must bring chess clock, chess board and chess set. None provided!

Three Sections:Open Red Tail Fighters - 1st Place $120 - $80 & U1900 $75, Red Tail Fighters U1500 - 1st Place $80 - $50 - $40, & Buffalo Fire Commissioner's Stars and Sparks Scholastics, 5 Rounds, Swiss, Game 30, Entry fee $10, RED TAIL Trophies awarded to the TOP 4 winners!, Scholastics games start at 10am, 11am, Noon, 1pm and 2pm, Awards to follow immediately.

Please mail and make checks payable to Archangel 8 Chess Academy, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo NY 14221, must be received no later than wednesday, June 16, 2010. No checks or credit cards accepted!

PIZZA & REFRESHMENTS provided for all registered tournament players!

SAVE THE DATES! Our Summer Friendship 2010 Chess Festival will be held at the Gloria J Parks Community Center, 3242 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14215, starts our CAN/AM International FIDE Masters Series, 20 U.S.C.F. Enhanced Grand Prix Points, listed in the upcoming Chess Life TLA, World Chess Federation FIDE Rated! Entry fee $55, CASH prizes - 1st place $350, $250 & $200, Class Prizes - U2000 $175, U1800 $150, WCF U1500 section, Entry fee $30 v $50 Cash only onsite! Guaranteed Cash Prizes $150, $90 and $60. First series starts on Sat. July 17th and 18th, August 21st & 22nd and September 18th & 19th, 2010. Saturday Rounds at 10am, 2:30pm & 7pm, Sunday at 10am and 2pm. We need FIDE rated players to make this a success, please reach out to others outside the Buffalo Niagara community and invite them to Buffalo, "The Gateway" to World Chess Federation competition.

I want to extend my personal thanks to the Buffalo - Niagara Chess community in advance for your continued dedication and support to help us grow.

Respectfully submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador and Chief Arbiter!


  1. I will play June 19th.

    USCF: 13247130

  2. do you have to be in a club to play? or accepting anyone?

  3. Since no one has answered vlo's question, let
    me try. No, one does *not* have to be
    a member of any chess club to play.
    You do have to be a member of the USCF to
    play rated games. You can join either on
    line at or at the tournament
    through the tournament director. I urge
    you to come as you'll discover the vitality
    of chess in WNY and meet a lot of really
    nice people willing to help in your chess
    pursuits. That's how I started and I was
    then able to join a variety of chess clubs
    to play more casual games. It's helped me
    tremendously and allowed me to make
    make new friends as well.

    Hope to see you there.