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Biel 2010 tactic

Its been a while since had a puzzle come up. This ones from today's game between GM Rodshtein and GM Negi in the ongoing very interesting young stars tournament Biel. Black (Negi) had a draw here with ...Ne1+ Kg1 (other king moves are worse for white, can you tell why?) ...Nf3+ But black blundered here with ...Rxd4. Can you see how white won after this?


  1. Na3 looks reasonable. N is unprotected and Q overloaded. I cannot see anything else.

  2. ...Rxd4? Na3! (indeed). With one move, white defends his rook, and now the threat to take the knight on f3 is not defensible. And if the knight moves, the Queen is overloaded to protect c8 and d4.