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Goring Gambit at Sardinia

A fine win by Albert Patterson using the Goring gambit in the last Sardinia tournament. Below is the game with some of his annotations. Thanks to Tom Warner for sharing this game.


  1. Last time, there were some issues in viewing this properly on a Mac. I shall check it if it works on one later in the evening. It works on my machine with both firefox (it should install the java plugin automatically if its not there) and IE.

    But please do let me know in here, if anybody is not able to view it along with which browser and computer you are using. Thanks

  2. Additional notes by Patterson:
    7.Qb3 seems to win in all variations.
    7.Qb3 d5
    8.Nxd5 Bg7 (any other move Nf6#)
    9.Bg5 0-0(9.Bf4 NXN 10.exN Ne7 11.d6 cd 12.Bxf7+)or (9.Bf4 Na5 10.Qa4+ c6 11.Nc7+ Kf8 12NxR b5 13.Rd1 Qe8 14QxN Bd7 15.Nc7 Qc8)
    10.0-0-0 Bd7
    11.Nf6+ BxN
    12.BxB h6(Qc8 13.Qe3)
    13.Qe3! Kh7
    14.Ng5+ Kg8
    15.Nxf7 RxN
    16.Qxh6 followed by Qh8#

  3. Thanks Tom. But you should be able to already play through these variations as well as I remember entering them before posting the pgn.

  4. Hi Harish - doesn't work on iPad 64 GB, 3G/wifi even though Java games on USCF site do work. Not working on my Dell XPS M1710, Windows XP,IE7 but does work running Safari on same machine. Strange!

  5. OK Yes I see that now Harish. On move 8 of course black does not have to play Bg7 but I think white is still better after NxN 9.pxN