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Blizzard Challenge...RESULTS...

First we would like to give a Huge Thanks to “SONWIL” Distribution, and Mr. P. Wilson, for sponsoring such a wonderful and successful chess tournament this past Saturday. The “Blizzard Challenge” as it was called brought together players from near and far; as far as Erie PA, all 59 players came to do battle and see who had the better chess teams.
The USCF affiliate “QueensKnight Scholastic Chess” organized the players into 5 sections. The scholastic players which formed a K-5, K-8, and a K-12 grouping formed their respective teams in each section. The other two sections were a rated “Open” section and an “Unrated Adult” section.
The results were as follows:
K-5 Teams:
1.      Global Concepts Chess Club “Champions” (10pts)
2.      Homeschoolers “2nd place” (6pts)
3.      Erie PA “3rd place” (5pts)
K-5 Individuals:
1.      Christopher Dunsworth “Champion” (4pts)
2.      Roman Castle (3pts)
3.      Benjamin Rummell (3pts)
4.      Kamal Ali (3pts)
5.      Megan Meloon (2pts)
K-8 Teams:
1.      Homeschoolers “Champions” (13.5pts)
2.      Pioneer “2nd place” (8.5pts)
3.      Global Concepts Chess Club “3rd place” (6.5pts)
K-8 Individuals:
1.      Reagan Lyle “Champion” (4pts)
2.      Kevin Lyle (4pts)
3.      Thomas Blum (3pts)
4.      Chris Darling (2.5pts)
5.      Jacob Meloon (2.5pts)
K-12 Teams:
1.      Pioneer “Champions” (11.5pts)
2.      Bishop Timon “2nd place” (9.5pts)
K-12 Individuals:
1.      Ryan Madden “Champion” (4pts)
2.      Nathan Palmisano (3pts)
3.      Kyle Kostek (3pts)
4.      Matthew Rzeznik (2.5pts)
5.      Austin Kossow (2.5)
The Open:
1.      Donald Hoak (2pts)
2.      Raymond Dunsworth
3.      Thomas Warner
Adult Unrated:
1.      Robert Simpson (3pts)
2.      Mr. Blum
3.      Gus Klasse
Finally we had a 3 round BLITZ which was a first for many, and disappointing to some. All top three players went undefeated but….
 …the winners by tiebreak were…
1.      SAMUEL SANTORA “Champion”

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