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Happy New Year! 2012 begins with exciting chess in the Main Place Mall for the 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial honoring the first african american airmen, "the Tuskegee Airmen" who did the impossible with the Redtail planes in World WarII.

Welcome new USCF members and renewed USCF members are Lionel L. Davis, National Master with son Shaka Davis, Miles A. James and Owen E. Miller. We need your help, we need to know any dates or years when Owen Miller played when he was a member of the Queen City Chess Club. The US Chess Federation cant seem to find his information, so I know there are some from the Buffalo area who may remember and would get his information back to

Twenty one players participated in the tournament and upsets were plenty. In the Norwich Scholastic section, Undefeated Champion - James W. Lyon, student from St Peter and Paul School, 2nd place - Miles A. James, Nichols School and 3rd place - Ruby Z. Soudant, Olmsted 64. Other players were Brandon Laury from Enterprise Charter and Shaka Davis from Performing Arts.

Results in the Retail U1500 Section were Undefeated Champion Tamas Gemes, gradutate student from Niagara University, native of Hungary. 2nd place were Steve L. Baer and Vinay Sharma from Canada. Upset Leaders were Steve L. Baer defeated Glenn Conlin(1437), Vinay Sharma defeated Glenn Conlin(1437) and Tamas Gemes defeated Vinay Sharma(1384). Upset leader was Steve L. Baer with 233 points, Vinay Sharma 53 points, Tamas Gemes with 36 points.

Results from the Retails Open Section were Undefeated Co Champions National Master Lionel L. Davis and National Master Barry Davis, the U2000 winners were Kevin N. Roulhac, Attorney James P. Davis and Harish Srinisvan.

Upsets Leaders were plenty starting with Kevin N. Roulhac finished with 708 points, Barry Davis with 33.5 points and Owen E. Miller. Kevin N. Roulhac defeated Harish Srinisvan(1950) and he also defeated Gary Boye(1600), Owen E. Miller defeated James P. Davis(1521) and National Master Barry Davis welcomes back National Master Lionel L. Davis(2245) with a draw.

Pictured are Urban Knighs and Queens Chess Club members, Miles James from Nichols and Ruby Soudant from Olmsted 64 show off their medals, Kevin N. Roulhac, Tamas Gemes and Owen E. Miller.

Special Thanks to Simpson and Simpson, LLC for their contributions for the refeshments and camera, the Main Place Mall and to all the supporters who came out, faced the harsh winter weather but had fun, friendship and fellowship.

Our next chess event will be Saturday, January 21, 2012 at the Main Place Mall, 390 Main Street,Buffalo, NY. The Soudant - O'Leary Family has sponsored the first annual William J. O'Leary Memorial Classic. Guaranteed Cash prizes $620 based upon 25 total paid players! 4 Games, USCF Open rated, Game 50 with 5 second delay, Two USCF sections of play - Open and U1500, also Scholastic K-12 Section. Advanced Entries are greatly appreciated! Reported by Mc Duffie, USCF Tournament Director, Chess Ambassador

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