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You Did It! You Really Did It!

Way to go Buffalo!
After a concerted effort, the fine folks at NYSCA have heard your pleas.
Not only were the local chess clubs listed on the NYSCA download of chess clubs, but also our website is now also a link on the NYSCA site. See and
See Roy, "Never give up, never surrender!"
My thanks go out to Mr. Heck and Mr. Rich of NYSCA as well as to the local membership who lobbied them for the change.


  1. Great!! Fantastic. Lets keep the blog even more active.

  2. It is nice to hear that we are included. Now we need to have some success in various tournaments. What about Marchand Open this weekend? How many of us will be there, and how many of will win our respective sections, or at least be near the top? (Do not look at me, I will be somewhere in the middle of the open, and there will be much higher rated players.)
    We need more tournaments in our clubs. What about blitz again? What about some matches? What about... let us think of something.
    Maybe we can spend some time in learning. Discuss some games, and point out the possibility of improvement. What is pattern of our mistakes in opening ending, planning, strategy, tactics...? For just 20 minutes. It would be great.
    We do not have possibilities as Rochester does, (place of our own or more higher rated players), but we have good enthusiastic players, and who knows – one day we might have at least masters in our midst.