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My Games at Arkport Open

It was very nice tournament at Arkport with 35 players. Congrats to Marijan who won the tourney with 3.5/5 and to Bob Shao and Tom Warner who shared the U1800 class prize with 2.5/4. Also to David Biddle who tied first for U1600 class prize. It will be good to see their games as well. For me, although I only obtained only 2/4, I was glad I played 3 players who were atleast 200 above my rating and I managed to win one of them(although I was lucky after a piece blunder). The two games that I lost were very interesting games where I fought hard but did not manage to hold. According to my calculations my rating should go up a little. My first game was an easy win, nothing much interesting. I am posting my games from round 2,3 and 4. Round 2 Harish Srinivasan vs Robert Feldstein Round 3 Dygert vs Harish Srinivasan Round 4 Harish Srinivasan vs James Hiltunen

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  1. Last round was on top boards:
    Nikolayev - Parry draw
    Procyk - La Salle 1:0
    So Nikolayev, Parry & Procyk tied for 1-3 with 3.5 out of 4. In second round Procyk - Shao was draw. I will post some of my games later today.