Next Tournament

The Return of Tom Warner Tournament Director!

I just received the following from the much respected Mr. Thomas Warner:
QUICK CHESS TOURNAMENT Sat. October 6 at the Sardinia Community Center, 12320 Savage Rd, Sardinia,NY Must be a USCF member to play(can join at tournament) 2 Sections: Adults 3SS G 29, EF $20 RDS: 10,11,12 Prizes based on entries Scholastic- Round Robin- play as many games as possible in 3hrs! EF: $10 Games start at 10am All Scholastic players will receive a prize! For Info call Tom Warner 716-496-5230


  1. Would like to but as you know there is the tournament that I need to attend. see:

  2. Tom, Is the scholastic section USCF rated as well?

  3. The following three Stella Niagara Students plan on attending:

    Jacob Bennett 13707613 631p Q682p

    Ayush Jajoo 13194203 404 Q406

    Ashwin Jajoo 13194230 274 Q274