Next Tournament

The New World Champion

Vishy Anand of India has captured his second World Championship and is the undisputed World Chess Champion. Barring any further FIDE shenanigans he will defend his regained title in a head to head match with Vladimir Kramnik next year. The next challengers/candidate series will began next year and the winner of that is to face Topalov in a head to head match. The Topalov-Candidate Match winner will then face the Anand-Kramnik Winner. Sounds simple doesn't it?


  1. It was a delight to watch the championship. I followed every move of it with the help of live audio commentary at ICC.

  2. yes, but how well would they do at Wegmans??

  3. Wait a few years when Felix comes to power...

  4. Interestig rating list of 24 players:
    1 Anand
    2 Ivanchuk
    3 Kramnik
    4 Topalov
    5 Leko
    6 Morozevich
    7 Mamedyarov
    8 Radjabov
    9 Aronian
    10 Shirov
    11 Gelfand
    12 Svidler
    13 Adams
    14 Kamsky
    15 Alekseev
    16 Grischuk
    17 Carlsen
    18 Akopian
    19 Jakovenko
    20 Polgar
    21 Ponomariov
    22 Wang
    23 Bacrot
    24 Karjakin

  5. How's felix doing now?