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Report of 9/8 Rochester Grand Prix and Announcements

Pawnmaster’s Chess Notes By David “Pawnmaster” McDuffie
19 players including 4 ‘chess masters’ and 2 ‘experts’ competed at the Rochester Chess Center, this past Saturday, Sept 8th, in the Jenifer Woods Memorial Grand Prix Chess Tournament.
The tournament was won by NM Matt Parry with a perfect 4/4. He collected $150 for his efforts. Tied for 2nd-4th and sharing the 2nd & 3rd place prizes totaling $150 were FM Igor Nikolayev, FM Isay Golyak, and expert Luka Glinski. They each scored 3 wins and 1 loss. Buffalo’s David “Pawnmaster” McDuffie, won the class prize of $80 and finished tied for 5th place overall with 2 wins, 1 draw & 1 loss. Other Buffalo chess players competing were NM Lionel Davis who scored 1 win, 2 draws & 1 loss and Michael McDuffie, ‘Buffalo’s Chess Ambassador’, who finished with 1 win & 3 losses.
Below is the exciting 3rd round game featuring ‘the Pawnmaster, playing the white pieces vs. Frederic Harris., playing black. 1.e4 c5, 2.Nf3 Nc6, 3.d4 cd4, 4.Nd4 Nf6, 5.Nc3 e5, 6.Ndb5 d6, 7.Bg5 a6, 8.Na3 b5, 9.Nd5 Be7, 10.Ne7 Ne7, 11.Bf6 gf6 (white created a weakness in black’s position, now where will black’s king hide?), 12.c3 f5, 13.Bd3 fe4, 14.Be4 d5, 15.Bf3 Be6, 16.Nc2 Qc7, 17.g3 Rd8, 18.00 Rg8, 19.Re1 Ng6, 20.Kh1 e4, 21.Bg2 Ne5, 22.Nd4 Bc8, 23.a4 Qb6 (white is looking to stretch blacks defensive forces by attacking in the center and now on the side). 24.ab5 ab5 25.Qh5 Nd3, 26.Re2 Rg7, 27.f3 Kf8, 28.Qh4Re8, 29.fe4 b4, 30.Rf1 bc3, 31.bc3 Ne5 32.Nf5 Bf5, 33.ef5 Qa6, 34.Ref2 Ng4, 35.Rf4 Ne3 (black falls for the bait, Nf6 is recommended instead), 36.f6 Nf1, 37. Qh6 Ng3, 38.hg3 Re1, 39. Kh2 Ke8, 40.Qg7 Qe6, 41. Qg8 Kd7, 42.Rb4 Qf5, 43.Rb7 Kc6, 44.Bd5 black resigns due to the forced loss of his Queen. To replay the game click on the link below:
The Archangel Chess Academy, headed by Mr. McDuffie will be sponsoring a chess tournament for youth this Friday, September 14th, from 3-6pm at the Main Place Mall. There will also be a US Chess Federation Grand Prix Event - ‘The Alliance for Quality in Education’s September Buffalo Open Chess Tournament, held this Saturday, September 15th, starting at 9am on the 2nd floor of the Main Place Mall.
To contact David “Pawnmaster” McDuffie, for questions or more chess information email

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